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Mr Media

Be Aitbaar Drama Last Episode Full Hum Tv - 01 December 2016

Be Aitbaar Drama By Hum Tv Full HD Latest Episode Last - 01 December 2016

Mr Media, Dec 2, 2016
  • Javed Sheikh as Jameel
  • Saba Faisal as Uzma
  • Kanwar Arsalan as Asad
  • Behroze Sabzwari
  • Sabahat Bukhari
  • Hashim Butt as Kamal
  • Birjees Farooqi as Shagufta
  • Sehrish Fatima
  • Marium Tinwari as Mahzeb
  • Zaryan Hassan as Salman
  • Salman Faisal as Azaan
Shah Hussain
Malik Khuda Buksh
Plot/Story line:
Be Aitebaar is a story of two cousins, Jameel (Javed Sheikh) and Uzma (Saba Faisal). Uzma loved him more than him. Jameel marries a woman who dies later giving birth to a daughter, Kamla. Uzma was married to Abdul Qadir, who also died later giving birth to a son, Salman (Zaryan Hassan) and Mahzeb (Maryam Tinwari). After 5 years of Jameel's wife death, Jameel suffers from cancer. Uzma also comes to him after many years and met his daughter Kamla. They both talk about their childhood when Uzma's purse was stolen by a man in train. He apologizes from Uzma but she didn't forgiven. Jameel later dies in his sleep. Kamla, now an orphan girl moves to Uzma's house. Mahzeb and Salman meet them and they are very happy. Salman gets attached with her and loves her.
While, Asad (Kanwar Arsalan) is a shopkeeper of clothes shop. A girl who is his customer meets him when Hassan's father Kamal (Hashim Butt), also shopkeeper, goes for prayer. The girl is more attached to him and loves him but Hassan don't.
Hassan has a brother, Azaan (Salman Faisal) and his parents are (Birjees Farooqui) and Kamal (Hashim Butt). Azaan and Mahzeb are deeply in love with each other. But his parents arrange Asad's marriage with Mahzeb.
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    Dec 2, 2016
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